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humid wind

humid wind
floating on the pool
leaves and plastic bags

on a bale of hay

on a bale of hay
telling ghost stories to eyes
wide with moonlight

play as loud as you want

play loud as you want
and beer is free –
my drummer swoons

wrong number irony

wrong number irony —
dentist hunts overdue bill
wrong name, no teeth

Jesus on the cross statue

Jesus on the cross statue —
floor fan positioned
to ease his suffering

hoping to fit in

hoping to fit in
inflated red balloon rests
with grass and ivy

from his bronze horse

from his bronze horse
statue points to battlefield
no one remembers

like seekers did centuries ago

like seekers did centuries ago
hop crosstown bus to zen temple

breeze too cool for June

breeze too cool for June
flag on bank pole dreams of flight,
going off with the wind

forgot street puddle

forgot street puddle
I walk past four times a day –
drenched by passing car

man passed out on bus

man passed out on bus
wears cap with red letters –:
Vietnam War Vets

woman shouts into cell phone

woman shouts into cell phone
at soon to be ex-friend